Tractor Seat Stool Painted, Chipped, Rusty

The Perfect Tractor Seat Stools

Antique Tractor Seat StoolWhen we first bought the land our farmhouse sits on we parked a camper there and spent our weekends chasing bugs, picking wildflowers and exploring. It was our version of the “cabin”.

With a newborn and a three-year-old we realized we needed a place to sit outdoors to eat, color, and make messes, so I took to Craigslist to find a picnic table. I found a used picnic table in fairly good condition for $50 so I sent Matt on his way to collect my find. When he arrived at the house he noticed the woman had some unique stools. Crafted from old metal tractor seats, painted white, and perfectly weathered, he offered to buy them knowing I would love them. She politely declined so he loaded up the table and headed on his way.

On the drive home the woman called him and told him she changed her mind and would sell the set of four for $200. He came back to the farm with a picnic table and these four gorgeous stools! Major bonus points for the hubby! We used them around the campfire and at the ends of the picnic table until our house was built. Now, they’re on display for all to admire on our expansive front porch. They’re where the kids eat their meals outdoors, where the families sit to have their hair trimmed by my bestie on a Sunday night, and where we prop our feet up with a Mike’s hard lemonade after a hot day of work on the farm.

Let me tell you, besides being weathered the perfect amount, with layers of chippy white and green paint and a little rusted metal showing through, these stools cup you in all the right places! And, they’re upcycled! There are few things I love more than the perfect trifecta of comfortable, stylish, and re-purposed!

Also, you may have realized that this stool looks really familiar. That’s because I snapped an amazing shot of the seat and it’s become one of the main images paired with our logo! How cool is that?




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