Antique church pew on front porch

My Church Pew – A Front Porch Prayer

Last spring I found the most EPIC barn sale! I felt like a real American picker, piling my finds and suggesting a “bundle” price. I was in heaven. As you can imagine I came home with some amazing finds but today I’m going to tell you about my church pew.

I saw this beauty on the lawn when we pulled in but knew it was too long to fit in the truck bed. As I bundled my items together I jokingly asked if they’d be willing to cut the pew in half so it would fit in my truck. The husband whipped out his circular saw and the rest is history.

Of all the things I’ve picked, I’m sure none have the history of this pew. Let me explain why. When I sit on my pew on the front porch I often think about all the people who sat here before me. People praying for friends and family, thanking God for a new life or mourning the loss of a loved one. This pew held people at their rawest moments, moments of pure joy, grief, uncertainty, and contentment.

Old Church Pew with CarvingsAlthough it’s no longer in place of worship, it’s still an amazing place to have a conversation with God or just ponder life’s great questions. My thoughts and prayers are typically ones of gratitude or asking for wisdom, strength, and forgiveness. Knowing I pray like many of the people who sat here before me gives me peace. I know I’m not alone in my struggle.

Who would’ve thought a piece from a barn sale could have such a profound affect on a person? Sometimes it’s not the object that’s special. Sometimes it’s the story, person, or people. In my church pew’s case, it’s all of those and so much more.


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