About me

Hi and welcome to Wild Wood Farm! I’m Cheryl, a wife, mom of two, full-time certified Athletic Trainer (sports medicine), and free spirit! I love everything farm, garden, crafty and home (except laundry… and cleaning) and am excited to share our adventures with you!

Having lived in suburbia most of my life, if you had told me I was going to grow up and decide to start my own hobby farm I probably would’ve peed myself laughing! After spending several years in Iowa working on my education I developed a taste for rural living and a love for an Iowa man.

We had dreams of a wrap-around-porch, space for our kids to run, and a slow and quiet lifestyle. So in 2015 my husband, Matt, and I bought ten acres about thirty minutes outside the Twin Cities; the first step towards making our dream our reality! A year later we broke ground on our dream home. Designed by us with a traditional farmhouse exterior and an open-concept floor plan, the house functions perfectly for the way our family lives! Since moving in we’ve added gardens, chickens, and a style all our own.

Quite honestly, I still don’t think my parents have wrapped their heads around it. But here we are, living our beautifully messy life where we get dirty, we work hard, we create, learn, and love. We’ve fallen in love with the pace, lessons, and lifestyle rural living provides and we’re excited to share our life with you as we go along. Here you’ll find a collection of stories, projects, recipes, and reflections that make up our life at Wild Wood Farm.